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“Hattie’s Map” Unveiled At Last

by Richard Elen 8 August 2011
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The mak­ing of “Hat­tie’s Map” – a trib­ute to a local res­i­dent, unveiled recent­ly in the heart of the NW Cam­bridgeshire town of Somer­sham, in the form of an aer­i­al map of the Parish with his­toric places of inter­est – cre­at­ed by yours tru­ly.

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Nuclear Power You Can Trust?

by Richard Elen 21 June 2011
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Cur­rent nuclear pow­er tech­nol­o­gy is prob­a­bly safe – safer than fos­sil fuels in both the long and short-term. But can we trust any­one to build and oper­ate nuclear pow­er sta­tions safe­ly? Prob­a­bly not. Here’s news of a pos­si­ble alter­na­tive.

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Re-learning basic life skills

by Richard Elen 19 June 2011
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Learn­ing to tie your shoelaces — for the third time.

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Peripatetic Dining with Alice

by Richard Elen 15 May 2011
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I recent­ly attend­ed Arti­choke’s “Din­ing with Alice” at Els­ing Hall in Nor­folk – a won­der­ful com­bi­na­tion of the­atrics and al fres­co din­ing in the grounds of a mar­vel­lous­ly trans­formed 15th-cen­tu­ry manor house.

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UK Local Elections 2011: Goodbye Compromise

by Richard Elen 6 May 2011
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Why did the Lib Dems do so bad­ly yes­ter­day? The short answer is “prob­a­bly not what you think.”

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Time to change the voting system

by Richard Elen 26 April 2011
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On 5 May in the UK, we’ll have a choice: whether to keep the “First Past The Post” vot­ing sys­tem, where the per­son who gets the most votes in an elec­tion wins – even if under half those who cast a vote actu­al­ly vot­ed for them, or instead opt for the fair­er “Alter­na­tive Vote” (AV) sys­tem.

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A sad day for virtual Frank Lloyd Wright fans

by Richard Elen 3 December 2010

The Frank Lloyd Wright Vir­tu­al Muse­um in Sec­ond Life is wide­ly regard­ed not only as a won­der­ful reviv­i­fi­ca­tion of the lega­cy of Amer­i­ca’s great­est archi­tect, but as one of the major points of inter­est in Sec­ond Life and one held in high regard by archi­tects and those of an artis­tic bent, many of whom are drawn to vir­tu­al worlds. Now the FLVW is being forced to close as a result of a deci­sion by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foun­da­tion to end their licens­ing agree­ment.

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Where will voters on the Left go?

by Richard Elen 20 September 2010
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It’s been sug­gest­ed that polit­i­cal­ly, the views of the British peo­ple at large are some way to the Left of the major par­ties, which have been pushed right­wards since the Thatch­er years at least par­tial­ly as a result of pres­sure from the pop­u­lar press. Many of those vot­ers have grav­i­tat­ed to the Lib­er­al Democ­rats. How­ev­er, if they see the Lib Dems as hav­ing “sold out” to the Tories in the coali­tion gov­ern­ment, where will they go?

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When does ‘Skepticism’ become dogma?

by Richard Elen 18 September 2010
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I’m all in favour of “skep­tics” debunk­ing char­la­tans such as medi­ums and ped­lars of quack reme­dies, and tak­ing pseu­do­science apart. But when “skep­ti­cism” reach­es the fron­tiers of real sci­ence, it some­times seems to fall into dog­ma — for exam­ple, sug­gest­ing that para­nor­mal abil­i­ties and phe­nom­e­na do not exist, where­as in real­i­ty we sim­ply don’t know whether they exist or not. “Skep­tics” and pop­u­laris­ers of sci­ence need to be care­ful of this in their enthu­si­asm to debunk the obvi­ous fraud­sters.

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Setting basic poetry in WordPress

by Richard Elen 12 August 2010

It would appear that one thing that Word­Press isn’t nat­u­ral­ly good at is set­ting poet­ry. The default Word­Press action is that hit­ting Return inserts a line break, which is fine for prose arti­cles but not for poet­ry, where you want a bunch of lines with hard returns but no space between them. Leona has this […]

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