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Brideswell Press

The Brideswell Press is our microp­ub­lish­ing imprint. The aim of the Press is to pro­duce and pub­lish a hand-picked series of  works, each imbued with a spe­cial ‘some­thing’, to uplift and bring joy to the hearts and minds of all those who come into con­tact with them. The fol­low­ing works are cur­rent­ly avail­able:

  • Cloud­bank Across the Fens — Leona’s third book of poet­ry, pub­lished in 2011
  • The Fin­ger and the Moon — A nov­el by Geof­frey Ashe, pub­lished in 2004
  • Moon Over Topan­ga, Owl In Ojai, and Oth­er Tales from Tur­tle Island — Poet­ry and prose by Leona and friends, pub­lished March 2002
  • At Home in Bell Buck­le — Poet­ry by Leona, pub­lished 1995

You can pur­chase all these books from Ama­zon, and The Fin­ger And The Moon can be pur­chased via any book­seller — it’s a print-on-demand book, which means essen­tial­ly that when you order one, it’s made for you.

Click here to find out more about the books.