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Talking of wind turbines…

The wind farm in the head­er is not there because we are direct­ly involved in wind farms or the tech­nol­o­gy behind them, but because we think they are in inspir­ing sight, and act as a sym­bol of the moves we all need to take towards renew­able gen­er­a­tion and low­er car­bon emis­sions if we’re not going to see the end of civil­i­sa­tion in just a few decades.

These tur­bines are in the Fens a few miles away from us. We would have no com­punc­tion what­so­ev­er about hav­ing one in our back yard. Our friends up at Find­horn have four in their back yards: they are vir­tu­al­ly silent — even up close — and they pro­duce more elec­tric­i­ty than the com­mu­ni­ty uses, so they make a prof­it. That’s the way to do it, in our view: com­mu­ni­ty invest­ment in wind farms brings an imme­di­ate tan­gi­ble ben­e­fit to local peo­ple as well as poten­tial ener­gy independence.