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About Brideswell

Madron's Well, Kernow

The trees around Madron’s Well, in Cornwall, Britain, are still festooned with pieces of cloth, or “Cloutie” – prayers for healing to the Goddess of the well.

Brideswell is an independent publishing and consulting partnership between Leona Graham-Elen and Richard Elen. In addition to the work of Brideswell Associates, providing “Creative Technology” consultancy work – in graphics, radio/audio/music production, technology writing, teaching and related areas – we operate a micropublishing company, the Brideswell Press. Brideswell Associates sponsors a number of linked projects.

Brideswell Associates

Brideswell Associates offers various consultancy and related services along the boundary where creativity and technology meet. These include the following:

  • Audio and radio recording, production and live sound
  • Conference and special event coordination, direction and production
  • Graphic design – CD inlays, books etc
  • Marketing communications – brochures, advertising, press releases, etc
  • Teaching, lecturing and broadcasting – on consumer, professional and Internet audio, the Internet and technology in general.
  • Workshop facilitation in Relationship Skills, Inner Guidance and Team Skills
  • Writing – Articles and reviews on music, recording, pro and consumer audio, and technology in general, in addition to marketing communications activities

For more information on these services and samples of work, please contact us.

About the Name

We chose the name Brideswell to honour Brigit, Celtic goddess of fire and wells – guardian of those access points on the land where we draw up ‘the waters of life’.

‘Bride’ is one of Brigit’s many names, indicating her link with the feminine/masculine mysteries, whereby the ‘bride’ (the goddess who may also manifest as the magical mare) is served by the ‘groom’, with all the inherent sexuality of such an alchemical union. In turn, the bride honours the husband, and together they serve the greater good. For more about the goddess Brigit, see Kathy Jones’ book, The Goddess in Glastonbury.